6 October 2014




It’s been a crazily full month.  Two shows – Plaza in Kansas City, St. James Court in Louisville, KY, were both good shows.  A wedding, some home renovations…

Just wanted to say I haven’t forgotten you all.  I’m on my way home today.

There are too many ideas in my head, and almost a social hangover from talking to thousands of people at shows.  Road time helps me process all of it.  The trip home is almost too short this time.  Which conflicts with the thought that I’m very happy to be home soon.

Cheers, more soon.


the week of many methods

It’s time to depart the studio for the next show, a week from today.  The next show is The Plaza Art Fair, in Kansas City.  It’s been a great show for me, historically.  I don’t feel ready for it.  Typically I never do.

The last few days have primarily been involved in making custom rings.  They’ve been challenging enough that I was worried for a bit.  The base rings are titanium, with 14K rose gold, and Gibeon meteorite.  Here are a few in-process shots, tomorrow I etch the meteorite to show the crystalline patterning, and then ship them off.

I’ve also been working on a far-too-old commission for a titanium, 18K yellow gold, and elk tooth/ivory ring.  It’s for my uncle, and I have been procrastinating about it, since it’s just not in my normal path.   Doing it means I’ve been carving elk tooth, devising a setting for it that I liked, carving a wax that I then cast in 18K yellow gold (in house, with new equipment), and soon will be putting that all together.  Add in the ring above, and it means I’m carving meteorites (rocks from space!), etching meteorites, carving titanium, inlaying gold… apparently it’s the week of a thousand different processes.  Once these are done, I have a few more rings, then need to actually make work for the upcoming shows.

Both of these rings tie into new ring ideas I’ve had. I won’t get to them for this show, but they need to percolate a bit more, anyhow.

I’m excited these rings are close to done.

For tonight, I am as well.


construction ahead

Four feet outside of my studio door, backhoes, dump trucks and crews of people rip up the cobblestone street to replace a gas line.  Jackhammers, “reverse” warnings, shovels on stone.  Not peaceful.  Hoping the cobblestone is returned to the areas ripped up; the asphalt patches are not a pretty replacement.  Missing the old…

Just got back from being downtown, renewing a vehicle registration.  Downtown was humming, busy, with new skyscrapers being built, old buildings being renewed, streets blocked off, everyone looking for parking.  It’s a dense, tight downtown, old-monied, coming back from a long sleep.  It was great to wander through and see renewed parks, tons of eateries.  There was also an unveiling of artist-designed bike racks placed downtown (which I missed, although a friend created one of the racks), while bike lanes are being painted at the same time.  The new comes in.  Back at home, I’m glad I see it all from my back porch, but do not live within it.   It’s lovely, but perhaps would be too much as a constant.

Back to the studio now.  Working on commissions, and trying to get small work built up for the Plaza show in Kansas City.  Hoping to shake the rumblings of the nearby street crew, the buzz of the city, and land back in my head, solid in the studio.  This is a part of why I work at night.  It’s time to claim more creation time, though.

Have a good day.