21 March 2017

Teapot, I believe you’re done, and I think I’m happy.

This was a bloody fun piece to do.

It might be named “Need a Lift?” but I’m not sure.

Materials: titanium, vitreous enamel, sterling silver, copper, mixed media.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4″

Made for the teapot show at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery (Pittsburgh PA), opening April 7th, but will be shown this weekend at Bayou City Arts Festival in Houston this weekend, and Art City Austin the following weekend.

Cheers, goodnight. Driving off to​ Houston TX tomorrow!

20 March 2017

Alright, little teapot. I’m tired, the cat is tired. We’re done for the day.
Tomorrow: aging (the teapot, I’m already doing that), properly setting the two domes, and some finishing touches on the metalwork. Should finish it up.

It was meant to be a simple little teapot, and I got into it more than intended. Happy, though. Goodnight.

Materials: titanium, copper, vitreous enamel, sterling silver
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4.5 inches

#wip #teapot #metalsmithing #smallsculpture #nosleeping #thecatsquitfirst

shipped off

Commission finished! So exciting to ship all these pieces off… strange challenge to make clones of these pieces. They were all purchased by Disney for a project that I know nothing about, with a really short deadline.

It may have been the hardest few studio weeks I can remember, but there’s no way I’d have said no. It was about two months of work in three weeks time… and it worked. It was also glorious fun.

First shot: a group of the first shipment.
First set: “PS Two”, “PS Three”
Second set: “Station 8.1” and “Station 8.2”
Third set: Collaborative pieces with @lady_salt , “Station Zero” and “Station Zero/Zero”
Fourth set: Rocket R1, two different serial numbers.

Whew. Now to catch up on everything that went onto the back burner… which is pretty much everything.

strange growth

Weird. Some things grew in the studio last night. Not sure who one calls about this.

One week left for this commission! Then I might sleep. (Titanium, vitreous enamels, silver, gold leaf, copper, fueled with coffee)

#smallsculpture #metalsmithing #oddities #nahjustsleepwhendead