Amazing photo? No. Bloody wonderful ring to build again, yes.

Built this ring eight years ago, client lost it. Truly fun to build again. Perfection in the imperfections… Primitive finesse.


14k palladium white gold, 18k yellow gold.

When your cat decides you need a studio break.

I’ve been quiet. Still alive here. Looking forward to creating and sharing new work. Last few weeks have all been on the road, and soon I’ll be going back to the road. Nonetheless, things are brewing… stay tuned.

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A throwback Thursday…

“Mechanical Seed Pod Bracelet”

It’s a #throwbackthursday !

Titanium, 22k gold, sterling silver.

I loved this bracelet. I believe I built this piece in 2011.

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Sketch night at SaltHouse

Sketches of future thoughts… #needstobeinmetal #sketch #letsflyaway #saucer #vodkasketch

An older piece… #tbt

“Lost: Lead by the Head”

Thought I’d throw out a #throwbackthursday
Pin and pendant
Sterling silver, 18k, copper.
Dimensions… unsure, probably around 3″ tall.

Somewhere around 2003… It’s a bit of a touchstone piece for me; it defined a lot of later work.
15 years. Holy crap.

Always happy to see #pitrobotrepair !
Traveling with @lady_salt to visit family… Happy New Year’s, my people.

“Mr. Moon Walker”, waiting for you!

7 x 5 x 5″
Titanium, vitreous enamel, sterling silver, mixed media.

Finally, a new collaboration with @lady_salt ! Come see him (and us) tonight or tomorrow at the #armadillochristmasbazaar #armadillobackrowcrew #smallsculpture #metalsmithing #oddities #collaboration

The website sale will be happening! (link in bio)

It’ll start Monday at noon, and last through Friday at midnight. Cyber Monday, small business Saturday, same old Sunday, taco Tuesday… sure, there’s plenty of reasons. I just needed more time with wonderful friends on Thanksgiving, rather than the “rush to buy”. Stick with what’s important! So, my sale starts Monday, after I’ve had some coffee.

All jewelry will be discounted, as well as simple titanium bands. The objects will all have a percentage off, but you’ll have to contact me for that if it’s not listed.

New work will be added every day.

Open road… our anniversary

Love to my lady. It’s our anniversary today.
Hope y’all are having a good day.